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Know Your Purpose & How to Fulfill It in 600 Words

Jul 31, 2020


The Wrong Question

According to research we did with the Barna Group, only 11% of self-identified Christians know their purpose! 22% said that they had no idea. The rest said things like, “Be a great parent to my children” or “Be a loving husband.” Unfortunately, neither of these last two answers nor ones like them are your purpose. They are examples of ways you can try to fulfill your purpose, but they are not your purpose.

Complicating this issue is that people start with the wrong question, “What is my purpose and how can I fulfill it?” The Enemy is so happy that we ask this self-centered, “me me me” question. It immediately leads us on the wrong path. So, what is the right question?


The Right Question

The right question is, “Why did God create mankind?” We are members of mankind, and there must be a reason why He created us. The answer to this question leads us to our purpose. Fortunately, God has made the...

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