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Career Assessment Revolution - The Newer Science is Much Better!!

Feb 20, 2020

New Career Assessment Approach Explained My Frustration 

I was struggling in guiding the company I sold in 2017, and it took almost 30 years to figure out why? The bottom line was that I was in the wrong career given the gifts that God had given me. Yes, I was good at math, economics and advising clients in my wealth management business. All looked pretty good, and I made a great living doing it. Unfortunately for my colleagues and some clients, I had tried for 25 years to merge psychology and money to create a money psychology practice instead of the fee-only financial planning firm everybody else thought we were. Later, I took a career assessment that finally explained my struggles. Ugh. If you are frustrated or dissatisfied in your career, or are a parent wanting your child to have the career God has designed them for, read on…


My Wife Was Painting, and I Was Reading

One day, my wife and I were sitting together while she painted, and I read. She nudged me and...

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