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Help Students Discover the Best Career Fit & Thrive

Latest Scientifically Proven Career Assessments with God-Centered Coaching for Christian Schools & Co-Ops

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Focused Academic Excellence
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Students Are Struggling

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, the average college student will graduate in 5 years and change her major at least 3 times. Plus, according to the Washington Post, only 27% of college grads have a job relating to their major.

A failed educational system is causing confusion and frustration among students who are wasting time and money on the wrong major and career path and having little impact through their careers.

Students deserve better.

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Help Students Discover a Career Uniquely Designed for Them

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Research shows the average college student graduates in 5 years. Make it 4 and help families save!

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Better academic direction leads to better grades and a more impactful college experience.

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Better grades, internships, maturity, discipline, and direction are what employers seek and produce future leaders.

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Their Career Matters to Us

"We know what you are going through as a leader because we have been there. Helping students find the right college major for the right career is key for them to avoid a frustrating work life that negatively impacts other parts of their life. Our career plans have changed lives, and we can help your students."

-Charlie Haines, CEO + Career Coach

Quoted in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Kiplinger's Personal Finance, Forbes Magazine, Bloomberg, Financial Advisor, and many more.

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"I recently did the career assessment and coaching with my teenage son. It was thorough in drawing out my son's aptitudes and interests and left us both excited about the things he does well and the things he had never considered an option. I'd recommend this career plan for students to get a jump start on taking college courses that could lead them in the straightest path to their future career."


"For many college graduates, the looming job market and expectations to know your path are normally anxiety-inducing. Meeting with Charlie Haines and completing the career plan brought peace to my life. It allowed me to remember my gifts come from God, my talents will be used to glorify Him, and my anxiety is not necessary. I now am confident in the direction where I am headed."

-College Graduate

"This resource is professional, dynamic, and life-changing. It will have a significant impact on how you learn to apply your God-given gifts to your career. It is beneficial for all life stages and has been an incredible tool for Unbound Grace."

-John Steakley, Founder of Unbound Grace

How It Works

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Step 2

Discover the Best Career Fit

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Step 3

Choose Best Major for Career

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Invest in Your Students

No one should have to experience the frustration that comes from pursuing or being engaged in the wrong career. The Department of Labor has 1,100 careers in it's database. Which one is right?

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They Deserve Better. We Can Help.

We know you want your students to thrive in their work and in the rest of their life. For this to happen, they need to be engaged in their best career fit and prepared with the best education plan. The problem is that a failed educational system never identified their best career fit. They are now experiencing confusion and frustration and are worried about the future. We believe they deserve better.


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