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Live With More Meaning.

We Offer Personalized Growth Plans for Christians.

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Clarify Your Purpose

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Get a Personalized Growth Plan

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Enjoy a Meaningful Life

Stop Running on a Treadmill to Nowhere

We believe you can and should be able to enjoy a life of impact.

Know Your Purpose. Live With Confidence.

New Life of Joy

Stop living in a rut and start looking at your life in a new way.

Growth Plan That Fulfills

Stop trying broad solutions and start a plan personalized for you leading to fulfillment.

Confidently Move Forward

Stop facing transitions in life with uncertainty and start making decisions with purpose.

We Understand What it’s Like to Live Without a Plan

We've been there. That's why we created a step-by-step, individualized plan that has changed lives... the Unstatus Your Quo® Growth Plan.


"Not like New Year's Resolutions that you abandon on the second day."

-Pastor, Birmingham, AL

"I have completed the Unstatus Your Quo® Experience with my pastor and I highly recommend it. While I’ve understood for some time why I was created and what God wanted me to do with the gifts uniquely given to me, I did not know how to fully fulfill God’s deep desire for me and my unique mission in life. The Unstatus Your Quo® team, through this approach, is helping me discover how to make small, incremental changes to completely accomplish my mission in faith, family and business. I have never been more certain of how to do what God has called me to do in all areas of my life. I encourage you to explore this amazing experience."

CEO, Birmingham, AL

"The Unstatus Your Quo® Experience framed the transition from Sunday to Monday in a way that I had not appreciated before. It refined my understanding of God and myself, then equipped me to accomplish change in my life that I've been wanting to see for 5+ years. I highly recommend it."

Business Owner, Birmingham, AL

"The Unstatus Your Quo® Experience helped me to slow down and think about the most important matters of life and pinpoint where I need to adjust. In less than a month after completing the experience, I am already seeing positive results. I am truly grateful. "

Birmingham, AL

Growth Plan Options



Complete Schedule Control

One Live Coaching Sessions

Access to Tools Never Seen Before




Group of 2 Drops Price to $1,975 Each

Group of 3 Drops Price to $1,460 Each

Flexible Schedule, Weekly Proven to be Most Effective

Maximum Customization



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Discipling Curriculum Candidate

Reveals Spiritual Growth

Relationship Deepening

Facilitator Training Available

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How It Works

Step 1

Clarify Your Purpose

If you don't know your purpose, you can't fulfill it.

Step 2

Get a Personalized Growth Plan

Start a step-by-step, individualized plan that has had great impact and even changed lives.

Step 3

Enjoy a Meaningful Life

Confidently take the first of many steps in a new direction.

Per research, 89% of Practicing Christians lack clarity of purpose.

Our solution helps clarify your purpose & fulfill it thru a personalized growth plan so you can enjoy a meaningful life.

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