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Discover Your Best Career Fit & Thrive

Scientifically Proven Career Assessments with God-Centered Coaching

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You Are Frustrated Because You Are in the Wrong Career.

You do not see a future or meaning in your current career, and it is not fair. You drown in frustration, and the possibility of a fulfilling job disappears. 

You can discover your best career fit and thrive.

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Discover the Career God Designed for You

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Progress in meaningful work is the #1 indicator you're in the right career.

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Once in the right career, you will have real impact that your boss will see.

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Only 13% of employees are engaged at work, and you will be one of them.

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We've Been There & Can Help You!

"We know what you are going through because we have been there. The latest science with proven career assessment technology plus our experience have eliminated our clients’ work life frustration."

-Charlie Haines, CEO + Career Coach

Quoted in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Kiplinger's Personal Finance, Forbes Magazine, Bloomberg, Financial Advisor, and many more.

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"What influences your career choices? Finding a better career path begins with a deliberate assessment, wise counsel, and a confidence that can only come from self-discovery. The blend of Godly career DNA mapping and validated career resources make Unstatus Your Quo® the best I've seen. The coaching brought me the confidence to recognize and grow my God-given strengths. I evaluate hiring/learning tools and consult with HR vendors for a living. Of the 130+ assessments I evaluated, this delivers the most. Understandable options led me to execute on the actionable advice to be a better version of myself."

-Larry Cummings, CA-AM

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“I recently retired from professional baseball and was looking for my next career. I felt like I was fresh out of college looking at Corporate America for the first time. Charlie was there to help coach me along at a pivotal time. It is a blessing to have someone like Charlie who has the experience to navigate Christians to the center of God’s will.”

-Chris Coghlan, Former Major League Baseball Player

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How Your Plan Works

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Phase 1

Solidify Your Foundation

Understand your purpose, priorities, and God’s will for your work through video learning.

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Phase 2

Enjoy Your Assessment

Uncover God-given aptitudes, personality, interests, and potential with YouScience™ technology and gamification.

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Phase 3

Discover Your Best Career Fit

Identify and prepare for your most fulfilling career through video learning and personalized coaching.

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Invest In Your Success

Nobody should have to experience the frustration that comes from the loss of precious time and money from pursuing or being engaged in the wrong career.

Discover your best career fit and thrive.

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What Makes Our Plans Different?

You should not have to experience the energy-sucking discouragement of being in the wrong career. That is why we use gamification and science to help you see your potential and design a career vision of great impact, progress and what could be so that you no longer experience the frustration of what has been.

Free Career Change Assessment

Unsure if the career assessment and coaching will help you discover your best career fit and thrive? Take advantage of our free Career Change Assessment to better understand yourself and gage your fulfillment, impact, and progress in your current career.

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