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Life is Too Short for Your Child to Be Stuck In an Unfulfilling Career

Your child’s wrong college major = wrong career = derailed life. They are unhappy at work and want to change careers. You as a parent are left thinking, "Where did I go wrong?"

Your child was designed for more. There's a better way.

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Help Your Child Discover the Career God Designed for Them

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Per research, the average full-time college student graduates in 5 years and delays a year of career earnings.

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Progress in meaningful work is the #1 motivator, an indicator you're in the right career.

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Career Assessments reveal hidden aptitudes and potential.

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We've Been There & We Can Help Your Child!

"Out of love, my mother was a great influence in my major and career choice. Unfortunately, I headed off in the wrong direction – one leading to many years of frustration. Don’t make my mistake. When a student is in the right major, that academic experience is so much more rewarding. Your child will get better grades. Then you see your child thriving in the right career for which God has designed him. We have the science, the Christian overlay, your perspective, and the drive to help your child pick the right major for the right career. I love seeing students understand themselves better, discover their greatest talents and select the career for which God made them."

-Charlie Haines, CEO + Career Coach

Quoted in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Kiplinger's Personal Finance, Forbes Magazine, Bloomberg, Financial Advisor, and many more.

"I recently had the opportunity to engage in the career assessments and coaching offered by Unstatus Your Quo® with my son who is a junior in high school. The assessment was thorough in drawing out both the aptitudes and interests of my son. These two were not always the same, which left us both excited about the things he does well and the things that are second nature to him, but he had never considered an option. I'd recommend the assessments and coaching for students to get a jump start on taking the college courses that could lead them in the straightest path to their future career."


"For many college graduates, the looming job market and expectations to know your path are normally anxiety-inducing enough as is. Yet, with Covid-19 shutting down millions of job opportunities, I felt almost entirely hopeless when it came to my future. Meeting with Charlie Haines and completing the tests and sessions brought peace to my life as I was able to focus my vision on the important aspects. It allowed me to remember that my gifts come from God, those talents will then be used to glorify Him, and that anxiety is not necessary. I now am confident in the direction where I am headed, knowing my strengths, and how to use them."

-College Graduate
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How Career Assessments & Coaching Work

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Take Assessment

Discover your child's God-given aptitudes, personality, interests, and potential.

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Identify Career

Discover the career God designed for your child and imagine the difference it will make.

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Execute Plan

See your child move forward with confidence in a fulfilling college and career experience.

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Investment In Your Child

No parents like to see their child experience the frustration that comes from the loss of precious time and money from the wrong major and pursuing or being engaged in the wrong career. Watching your child struggle hurts.

According to research in 2019 from the National Center for Education Statistics, the average college student now takes five years to graduate. Besides growing debt or paying more money, the student is forgoing a year of average earnings of $50,000. Are you ready to save time, and money plus see your child start earning a salary earlier in the career God made them for?

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What Makes the Career Assessments & Coaching So Special?

Many Christians are experiencing frustration in their jobs. At Unstatus Your Quo®, we provide Career Assessments and Coaching to help Christians discover their most fulfilling career and select the best major as preparation.

We know that, as a Christian, you want your child to choose a fulfilling career that makes an impact for God’s glory. To get there, your child needs a plan. The problem is they lack knowledge of themselves and clarity of next steps leading to confusion and frustration for you and your child. God has uniquely designed your child for a career that fulfills and glorifies Him.

You should not have to experience the loss of money and time associated with your child pursuing the wrong career. It can break your heart. That is why we developed a step-by-step, individualized plan that has had great impact and has even changed lives.

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Do you know it takes the average college student 5 years to get a degree? (Per National Center for Education Statistics) Do you know the average parent thinks their children will finish in 4 years? Do you know that the average college student changes major three times? (Per National Center for Education Statistics)

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