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Have a Personal Developmental Plan at Work? No?!

Feb 13, 2020

Personal Developmental Plans at Work – A Must Have

I’ve heard from too many people recently that they do not have personal developmental plans (PDP) at work. They are essential to a business because they 1) keep your stars and potential stars, 2) allow the employee to have an impact on his/her career, 3) force you to have a future or aspirational job description, not just of the present job (finding evidence of this missing also), 4) add accountability that’s easy yet powerful, and 5) so much more.

If you do not have a PDP or don’t use them as a manager, read on as it could change your life and career path for His glory.


What Is A Personal Developmental Plan?

A Personal Developmental Plan includes the following:

  1. Statement of how the skills’ proficiencies could help the employee advance the company’s or division’s strategic plan. This statement shows the employees the impact they could have and where they fit in.
  2. Priority of deadlines...
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