Only 11% of Practicing Christians Know Their Purpose! WHAT?!

Oct 09, 2019


What We All Want

As Christians, we all want meaningful lives. In order to experience that, we need a personalized growth plan motivated, not by legalism, but by our love for God.  Most people try New Year’s Resolutions at some point in their life. Do they work? NO! They fail 92% of the time, and we can show you why. What we Christians need is a personalized growth plan leading to a meaningful life that glorifies God. If you agree, read on…


The Problem

The problem is that a large majority of us lack clear direction and progress in our lives which makes us feel discouraged. We go to church, listen to the sermons, but we don’t have real friends holding us accountable to live what we believe and are taught. In other words, we may have the “Bible Studying” going on, but we are really weak in the “Bible Doing” category – also known as application or obedience.

Additionally, you may be part of the 89% of Practicing Christians who don’t know that your purpose is to glorify God. Yes, it is that high according to research from our collaboration with Barna Group, which is about the most respected Christian research organization in the world.

You may be thinking that there are a lot of cultural Christians among the people surveyed, but only God knows for sure. However, we sliced the data with Barna to reveal that only 29% of Evangelical Christians know their purpose is to glorify God. YIKES!

This problem is fundamental to Christianity. It stands to reason that we can’t fulfill our purpose if we don’t know what it is. Also, how did we Christians get here?!

While some have told us that these statistics are not surprising, one must then ask the question, “What are we going to do about it?!” At Unstatus Your Quo®, we believe that you can and should be able to enjoy a life of impact. If you agree and want some helpful suggestions for how to do so, continue reading…


Your Struggle

We understand what it’s like to live without a plan because we’ve been there. We are all on a path in life, and a huge number of us are not growing, not likely to make an impact, and don’t stretch in a way that requires reliance on the Lord instead of ourselves. You may not be currently living for God’s glory, but your life can be different. You want this? If so, take a look at what God has led us to do.

Called by the Lord a few years ago and frustrated in life, we designed a step-by-step, individualized planning process that has had great impact on us and on others – even changed lives! We call it the Unstatus Your Quo® Growth Plan, and it can change your life.


Here’s How It Works: 3 Steps

1. Clarify Your Purpose: This step is the easiest. Scripture is quite clear on this topic, so it’s easy for you to have an early success. All of mankind was created by God and has the same purpose, not just Christians. Scripture study reveals this purpose, and this step is critical.

2. Get a Personalized Growth Plan: This step is where we begin to understand what God desires for us in the various areas of our life and where He desires for us to grow. From that point, we will measure your progress – an encouraging result. What is the practical part of your growth? It will come from tiny behavior changes confidently implemented. These tiny steps will begin an effective journey of good decisions and habit formation that squeeze out the bad ones from your life. They accumulate over time for the results you are seeking. To help you, there are tools and exercises you have never seen before, and they are fun.

3. Enjoy a Meaningful Life: We have seen some pretty fast results in this step. You will experience increased spiritual maturity which is properly motivated and incorporates your unique design by God. Your customized, tiny actions become habits that turn into both bigger actions and habits, progressively getting bigger and more impactful – even changing lives. Increased peace and joy from your relationship with Jesus are hallmarks of your life. We’ll be with you, coaching and encouraging you.


Sound Interesting and New to You? See What’s Next.

Start your journey to a more meaningful life by trying the first session for free – no financial risk. And in the meantime, take a free life self-assessment co-designed by a Christian counselor and us. You will see where your frustration, dissatisfaction, pain and even fear is in your life and how strong it is.


What If I Don’t Take Advantage of This Service?

If you decide not to pursue the growth plan, you are likely to stay on the “Treadmill to Nowhere”. Your frustration, dissatisfaction, pain, and fear will only increase as you live your life. Your life does not have to turn out this way. It can be much, much more impactful as seen in our clients’ lives.


What Can Your Successful Life Look Like?

You should begin experiencing some relief from the negative feelings you’ve had, and they won’t show up as much in your life. Peace and joy will become increasingly prevalent, and your family and friends will notice. Cathy, a client of ours, has two daughters who noticed changes in her life within a few months. By the way, what a great example for her family which might encourage them to want what Cathy has… a loving relationship with Jesus.

Life decisions will be easier to make with fewer distractions impacting your life. Your needed areas for growth become crystal clear. You will continually know what the next step of change should and can be. It’s not going to be about getting up one hour earlier to add more busyness to your life. This experience helps you become a better steward of your time, ultimately transforming wasteful time into meaningful time. You will be on your way to a life with impact in the Kingdom for God’s glory.

To start the journey now for free, click HERE. We look forward to joining you on this amazing journey.

Charlie Haines


Per research, 89% of Practicing Christians lack clarity of purpose. Our solution helps clarify your purpose & fulfill it thru a personalized growth plan so you can enjoy a meaningful life.


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