Assessment Shows 86% of Women Want New Job

Jun 11, 2020


There Is Something Big Happening with Female Workers

Over the past couple of weeks, we had almost 300 people complete a Career Change Assessment asking questions around elements leading to job satisfaction. Questions include level of promotion path clarity, culture fitting their values, making progress in meaningful work, and twelve other questions taking about three minutes to complete.

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After analyzing the results of almost 300 assessments, 86% of the respondents were females!! If you are a dissatisfied female at work, you have a lot of company. We were astounded and wanted to know what was driving these results. If you manage women, you probably want to know as well. After some research, here are four possible explanations.


Possible Explanation #1

Facebook visitors are 54% female.


Possible Explanation #2

Historically, career advice to women has been wrong or non-existent. If you are a frequent reader of our blog, you know that per YouScience™ the newer career assessment science is 3.4 times more likely to recommend females to Key in-Demand Industries than is the older science.

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With what is going on in our country today, I need to mention that the newer science (YouScience™) is 2.1 times more likely to send minorities to Key in-Demand Industries cited in the blog. Heaven help female minorities. As it turns out, God has created men, women, and minorities to possess much more equal aptitudes than the older science indicates. There is nothing evil or conspiratorial in the older science. It is just that we are better at understanding human aptitudes that manifest by age 14. The older science relies on a person’s self-reported skills and interests which leaves people open to selecting more traditional gender roles or jobs.


Possible Explanation #3

The breakup of the family by divorce, death, or childbirth out of wedlock has been a massive societal change and plays a role here. The assumption is that women usually end up as the caregivers for the children in these three situations. The divorce custody rate for mothers is 90%. A study in 2014 indicated that 40% of the children born in the US were born out of wedlock with a heavy majority of the children ending up with their birth mother.

With children at home, the mother has much less flexibility in choosing a career. Just today as I was writing this blog, a widow with two children age 16 and 18 scheduled a FREE Coaching Call because she had to change careers for the current one was negatively impacting the rest of her life. Now with older children, she could, perhaps for the first time, look for the ideal career for her.


Possible Explanation #4

I remember before and after 1980, many women were entering the paid workforce. At that time, one of the superlative members of my business school class had been a stay-at-home mom. Fortunately for her and for the open-minded University of Virginia Darden School of Business Admissions Office, she was admitted. Her application was peppered with leading women’s groups, volunteering for non-profits and other non-paid jobs where she managed people and programs. Fortunately for her, either through a scholarship or with her personal financial resources, she had the financial resources to develop the aptitudes God had given her. Many women are not so fortunate and must wait or endure the status quo.



There are many contributors to our findings, and I would love to hear ([email protected]) your ideas of why such a high percentage of women are dissatisfied with their careers. Imagine the joy if many more women were confidently operating within God’s design of them, whether paid or not. We certainly would get fewer responses to our assessment!

Charlie Haines


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