3 Reasons to Conquer Career Change Fear

Aug 12, 2020


Workers Stay in Career Misery

Fear tops the list of why people do not leave their dissatisfying and anxiety-filled careers. Are you tired of the negative impact your job is having on other parts of your life, especially to those dear to you? Are you in a career rut too deep for escape? Might victimhood feel less threatening than facing your fear of change? Read on for some reasons to conquer your fear and help you change your life.


Reason #1: New Science Instills Hope

The other day, I was showing the president of a Christian non-profit the results of a status quo shattering career assessment program that is available - YouScience™. The president leads an organization the treats alcoholics and drug addicts who are tired of living the life they have lived for years.

The first section of the results reveals what aptitudes God has given the client. When the president saw a sample of what his participants would receive, tears came to his eyes. I paused for a moment to ask him what was affecting him so. He said that a scientifically generated set of aptitudes from an independent party would give those he serves HOPE for the first time. The results would astound the people he serves.

Instead of hearing all their lives that they were worthless pieces of garbage with no potential, they will see that the complete opposite is true. The president said that he must have this Career Assessment process as part of his non-profit’s treatment plan.

How does this story relate to you? All of our clients have discovered that they have some aptitudes that they did not even know they had. They discovered that there are all kinds of new opportunities within the 1,110 careers in the Dept. of Labor’s (DOL) database. I used to tell my wealth management clients, “You must have a vision of what could be in order to leave what has been.” The hope of what could be chips away at fear.


Reason #2: Matching Technology Reveals 12-24 New Careers for You

As part of the career assessment, YouScience™, a group of psychologists, and the DOL collaborated to find what aptitudes, personality, approach to work, interests and more that the hundreds of occupations in the DOL’s database need dearly. Since there are a lot of data about you from the career assessment, there is matching technology that looks at who you are in many ways and selects what careers need somebody like you - today! Our typical client receives 12-24 occupations that are a “Strong Overall Fit”. Many occupations need you, and this fact will encourage you even more to consider a change, also chipping away at fear.

I was in the wealth management industry, and frankly, I was suffering from being ill-fitted for the industry. Because I owned the company, I could try some new stuff like family meetings and career assessments and coaching. When I started using the newer science, it showed me that my career was a poor fit and why. What a revelation!! Just last Thursday, I left a meeting with a client, walked into the kitchen, and told my wife, “I love what I do now!” You, too, can find this joy as well. A vision of joy chips away at fear.


Reason #3: You Have Christ

Finally, and most importantly, you have the living hope of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior (1 Peter 1:3). This hope is the most powerful of all.

God has designed you uniquely, perfectly, and beautifully in His image. There has never been anybody just like you in the past, nobody just like you now, nor will there ever be anybody just like you. God has created you uniquely for this moment in history to play a role in His story. He loves you that much. The sooner you find the occupation path for which He has designed you, the sooner you will feel the joy that I feel. May your true motives be to trust Him out of your love for Him because He showed his love for you on the cross.



I know there may be financial and other reasons for your hesitation. God will provide, and we Followers of Christ have a distinct perspective than the world does about success and fulfillment. What God thinks of us is more important than what our neighbor thinks. If we are obeying God’s will in our work, we should thrive. The alternative is the status quo. Unstatus Your Quo® and change to an occupation that will change your life and glorify Him.

Charlie Haines

Many Christians are frustrated in their jobs or struggling with choosing the right college major. At Unstatus Your Quo®, we provide Career Assessments and Coaching to help Christians discover and work in their most fulfilling career.