Our Approach

What is the Goal?

At Unstatus Your Quo®, we know that as a Christian you want a meaningful life. In order to experience it, you need a personalized growth plan. The problem is you lack clear direction and progress which makes you feel discouraged. We believe you can and should be able to enjoy a life of impact.

We understand what it’s like to live without a plan because we’ve been there. That is why we have a step-by-step, individualized plan that has had great impact and has even changed lives. It is called the Unstatus Your Quo® Growth Plan.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Clarify Your Purpose
  2. Get a Personalized Growth Plan
  3. Enjoy a Meaningful Life

So, try Session #1 for Free. And in the meantime, take a free life self-assessment. Stop running on the treadmill to nowhere and instead confidently take your first step in a new direction.

The discipline of helping clients learn what mankind’s purpose is, generally how to fulfill it, and what unique actions the client should take toward fulfillment while traveling on God’s life path for them.

The Unstatus Your Quo® Purpose Coaching Experience is Biblically-based and designed to help Christians clarify their purpose and then take action with a personalized plan to fulfill that purpose.  The experience includes the study of Scripture, multiple tools, techniques and exercises developed out of business, psychology, and God-given gifts from four other disciplines.

The questions, “What is my purpose?” and “How do I fulfill my purpose?” have been asked for centuries with very little progress.  With our approach, we take these questions head on and break them down into three parts that follow the Why-How-What model.  These three elements of purpose fulfillment are broken down into six sessions - smaller, more manageable pieces. You can see the titles of these sessions below.

Session #1: Clarifying Purpose

Session #2: Loving God (Part 1)

Session #3: Loving God (Part 2)

Session #4: Loving Others

Session #5: Taking Action (Part 1)

Session #6: Taking Action (Part 2) - Includes Live Coaching

The experience begins by addressing the “Why” question in regards to our purpose.  This may be the easiest answer for us to find, but it must not be overlooked.  You will learn the answer to the "What is my purpose" question in Session #1!! The “Why” is the most important part of the experience because it is the driver for everything else.  In sessions two-four, you will begin to learn about Behavior and Behavior Change. Finally, in the last two sessions, we get to the actions part of the experience!  We will guide you through the experience of Target Behavior design and selection plus provide tools for Habit Formation or Reduction/Elimination. Since you are uniquely-designed by God, the results of these two sessions will be your actions - not some "Find your passion and follow it" guidance. Passion and emotional impact are importance factors, but it goes a lot deeper than that. We will not use New Year's Resolutions as a model because they fail 92% of the time. In contrast, you will use proven methods involving individually-designed actions that build to new behaviors that become habits for the rest of your life.  This Experience actually makes room for new behavior instead of you having to wake up earlier to try to fit more busyness into your life.

Once you have completed Session #5, our team of experienced purpose coaches will step in and walk with you as you begin living an increasingly purposeful life.

1.  You will know your purpose in Session #1. 

2. The Experience has a major theme of breaking big things into smaller things. This begins with breaking BIG Question - "What is my purpose and how do I fulfill it?" into 3 parts.

3. You will also learn how to fulfill your purpose in the 1st Session, and we will breakdown your "How" into smaller pieces/actions in sessions two through four.

4. The Experience includes live coaching in all service models from our experienced team of purpose coaches to help maximize your rate of success.

5. The Experience provides new groundbreaking research on behavior & habits!

6. The Experience includes tools & methods you’ve never seen before.

7. ... and more!

8. The first session is FREE!

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