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Gold Plan

Includes the following coaching sessions:

Session #1: God’s Plan for Work

  • Giving you greater insight into God's plan for you and your work
  • 2 Hours of Zoom Coaching

Session #2: Your Unique Design

  • Giving you greater insight into yourself and the opportunities that exist
  • Giving you practical steps on how to move forward
  • 1.5 Hours of Zoom Coaching

What People Are Saying:

“I recently had the opportunity to engage in the career assessments and coaching offered by Unstatus Your Quo® with my son who is a junior in high school. The assessment was thorough in drawing out both the aptitudes and interests of my son. These two were not always the same, which left us both excited about the things he does well and the things that are second nature to him, but he had never considered an option. I'd recommend the assessments and coaching for students to get a jump start on taking the college courses that could lead them in the straightest path to their future career.”


“For many college graduates, the looming job market and expectations to know your path are normally anxiety-inducing enough as is. Yet, with Covid-19 shutting down millions of job opportunities, I felt almost entirely hopeless when it came to my future. Meeting with Charlie Haines and completing the tests and sessions brought peace to my life as I was able to focus my vision on the important aspects. It allowed me to remember that my gifts come from God, those talents will then be used to glorify Him, and that anxiety is not necessary. I now am confident in the direction where I am headed, knowing my strengths, and how to use them.”