Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What exactly is the Unstatus Your Quo® Purpose Coaching Experience? Is this a Bible study?

    The Unstatus Your Quo® Purpose Coaching Experience is not a Bible study although there is some heart-opening Scripture study throughout the experience.  This experience is rooted in the Bible, but also contains findings and applications from business, psychology, and behavioral science.  There is a large emphasis on learning in this experience, but the key focus is to apply to your life what you learn with the help of our team of purpose coaches.

  2. For whom is this experience best?

    The Unstatus Your Quo® Purpose Coaching Experience is for Christians and those interested in Christianity of all ages and backgrounds with a desire to gain clarity of purpose and motivation to take action on fulfilling their purpose. People who are feeling dissatisfaction, frustration, pain and even fear are especially suited for the experience. 

  3. What makes the Unstatus Your Quo® Purpose Coaching Experience distinct from other purpose processes or coaching?

    Here is a list of the top six differentiators of the Unstatus Your Quo® Purpose Coaching Experience.  

    1. Biblically-based: The experience is grounded in the Word of God.

    2. You will start with the right question, not the one that is prevalent in our culture.

    3. Why/How/What Framework: We have broken down the current culture’s large questions of “What is my purpose?” and “How do I fulfill my purpose?” into smaller bites and into a framework that is easy to understand and implement.

    4. Exercises and Tools Grounded in Business/Psychology: Charlie has brought a wealth of knowledge and expertise from over 30 years of wealth management experience and other research that translate into extremely impactful exercises and tools.

    5. Behavioral Science: The experience includes the latest research in behavioral change.

    6. Where many processes fall short is in the implementation phase.  Our team of purpose coaches will not only help bring clarity of purpose, but will taking the next step in helping you fulfill your purpose.

  4. Are there any options for experiencing growth other than the Internet Version?

    Yes. We also have One-On-One Coaching and a Group Version. The One-On-One Coaching Experience has a Registration Form to understand the candidate and his/her needs better along with logistics for meetings. When there is a waiting list, we will keep you posted on your start date. The Group Version is usually formed within a church or leader forms his/her own group at work or elsewhere. Groups of ten or more make the pricing attractive to most. There are some facility and technology requirements that must be addressed.

  5. What happens after I finish the Unstatus Your Quo® Purpose Coaching Experience?

    In addition to knowing your purpose and how to fulfill it, you will have the option to continue by taking part in the Graduate Support Program.

  6. How do I get questions answered that are not answered here?

    Contact us at [email protected].

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